Global store of E-post specialties Koreadepart

Global store of E-post specialties, officially supplied by Korea post.

Korea post has been operating the E-post store system in any effort
to stimulate the economy of the farming and fishing community.
E-post store selects high-quality products in pursuit of common goods,
and gives customers more credit by carrying out strict and tight
management after accepting manufacturers as a part of the store.

E-post store, connecting manufacturers with customers directly,
and providing high-quality specialties of each region with lower prices.
From now, Koreadpeart provides you with great
and high-quality local specialties, selected by strict examination.

Business Tie-up Agreement with Koreadepart
Business Tie-up
Agreement with Koreadepart

Merchandise Management by E-post store.

E-post store products have been being distributed through strict examination and management.
  • Periodical chemical experiment
  • Nonscheduled chemical experiment
  • Sensory text
  • Using actual images
  • Managing Prices
  • Managing contractors