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VDL Metal Cushion Case (The Red Collection)

by stella2668 2017-11-18
[ Brand ] is this a case or includes a cushion? 
is this just a case ?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It doesn't include cushion.
You should buy cushion separately.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

by apoz 2017-11-18
[ Brand ] Usage 
How long can it be used after opened?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It can be used for 1 year after opening.

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

by beauty_hacks 2017-11-18
[ Brand ] 20% Discount coupon 
If I buy a box which is automatically discounted at 25%, will I get additional 20% off thru using 20% discount coupon?
Does that mean I'd get 45% discount in total?
Yes, during the event period, you can get a additional 20% discount.

Its skin Clear Skin Peeling Toner

by Caligirl 2017-11-18
[ Brand ] Does it contain alcohol ?? 
Does it contain alcohol in it?? Thanks!!
Thank you for your inquiry.
It contains ALCOHOL DENAT.

eSpoir Face Prime Moist Finish

by NhimXinhXiXon 2017-11-18
[ Brand ] Exp 
The expiration please, thank you!
Thank you for your inquiry.
The expiry date is from Nov 19th 2018 to Dec 3rd 2018

HERA Mirko & Diego Magic Starter (SPF25 PA++) (No.3 Blooming Moisture)

by NhimXinhXiXon 2017-11-18
[ Brand ] Exp 
Hi! The expiration of the product please,thank you
We are sorry but the item has been discontinued.

BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner (Lady Edition)

by NhimXinhXiXon 2017-11-18
[ Brand ] Exp 
Expire date of the product please. Thank you
Thank you for your inquiry.
Please check the below expiry date :

L1 Miss Classic;July 19th 2018
L2 Lady Brown; June 15th 2018
L3 Rose Coco; Mar 24th 2018
L4 Sensual Bronze; July 20th 2018
L5 Tweed Pink; July 20th 2018

Paldo Chilly bibimmyeon noodles_130G

by Abo mosab 2017-11-16
[ Brand ] Halal foods 
I want to try your noodles but i am afraid there is pork in it.
Can you send to me the noodles that fits me. The Halal ones if you have. ThankYou.
I am Muslim.
Thank you for your inquiry.
It's not halal certified yet.
We try to provide details of products we sell, but there are some issues which can't be verified by seller.
If you want to know the full ingredient, please contact the brand.
Please kindly understand this matter.

You may try HAN-Q Cup Toppoki (140g) which is halal.

Innisfree Tinted Dual Brow

by msfaraway 2017-11-15
[ Brand ] Expiration 
When is the Expiry Date?
Thank you for your inquiry.
The expiry date is Feb 28th 2018.

Peripera NEW Peris Tint Water

by msfaraway 2017-11-15
[ Brand ] Expiration Date 
Is this month's outlet sale has manufactured date of May 2015 too? So this mean this is already expired?
Thank you for your inquiry.
Manufacture dates are:
No4.Mandarin - May 28th, 2015
No3.Orange - May 27th, 2015
No1.Cherry - January 13th, 2016

Unopened cosmetics are normally okay to use for 3 years from manufacture date.

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