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Missha Pure Source Pocket Pack - Tea Tree -

by Manor 2017-08-21
[ Brand ] eczema skin 
is this good for eczema ?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It can be used for all skin type but if you have eczema, we suggest you to get a doctor´s advice about the issue.

Nature Factory PUCCA Teatree Max Mask Pack

by H4NS4N943 2017-08-20
[ Brand ]
do you only get one sheet mask?
Thank you for your inquiry.
If you order 1ea, you will receive 1 sheet.

Innisfree No sebum mineral powder

by kitkat1990 2017-08-20
[ Brand ] expiration date 
Expiration date of this product?
Note that we cannot tell you exact manufacture date, as we constantly get replenishment of our products.
All the supplies have different manufacture date.
But we assure you that all the products we ship out are fresh and have good expiry dates

LANEIGE Water Bank Essence EX

by quynhtt266 2017-08-19
[ Brand ] Stock 
This product is in stock? I want to buy one product.
Thank you for your inquiry.
It is available.

Sulwhasoo Microdeep Intensive Filling Cream & Patch

by Seri_lee 2017-08-19
[ Brand ] use after skincare? 
use after all skincare?? before sun block?? or how?? thanks
Yes, please use it at the last step of skincare.
And use the patch at night 2~3 times a week.

Global Organic Food Crazy Soup Hot Toppoki Spicy (160g)

by sarahun 2017-08-18
[ Brand ] halal 
is it halal??
Thank you for your inquiry.
It is not halal.

[Beauty Haul] YUCHOO Dupi Bar

by mrsmcdull 2017-08-17
[ Brand ] Dry Scalp 

I wonder if this soap is suitable for someone with dry scalp likes me. Thanks!
Thank you for your inquiry.
It can be used for all skin type including dry scalp.

Manyo Factory BIFIDA Complex

by apoz 2017-08-16
[ Brand ] Item 
Is this an ampoule or an essence?
Thank you for your inquiry.
It's an essence.

Medi-Peel Missco Moringa Seed Oil Mask

by apoz 2017-08-16
[ Brand ] Item 
Is this product sold out?
No, This product is now available (it is in stock)

Labelyoung Shocking Hair Sleeping Cream

by Lil_Baron 2017-08-16
[ Brand ] Hair pigment 
Does this product change hair colour too? In the product detail section the images shown progressively turns more blonde, would the product have a bleaching effect? I don't want to alter my hair colour,so I would like to clear the doubt.
Please let me know,
No, this is just a hair treatment product.
It does not have any hair coloring or dyeing effect.

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